OMA LightweightM2M (LwM2M) Object and Resource Registry

OMNA can provide you with an unique Object or/and Resource Identifier: (Object ID) or (ResourceID).

To register a new (Ojbect ID) or (Resource ID).

OMA has developed an editor for creating LwM2M Objects & Resources.

ObjectID Classes

Category URN Object ID range Description Operations



0 - 1023 Objects Produced by OMA View Register


1024 - 2047 Reserved for future use -- --



2048 - 10240 Objects Produced by 3rd party SDOs View Register



10241 - 26240
26241 - 32768
Objects Produced by Vendors for Registration
Objects Produced by Vendors to re-use
View Register

ResourceID Classes

Category Resource ID Range Description Operations

Common Resources

0 - 2047 Common resource defined inside Objects. Inside of an Object the resourceIDs must be unique but it can be reused in different Objects. -- --

Reusable Resources

2048 - 32768 Registered by an Object Specification, with the Resource ID assigned by OMNA. Defined in any Object specification. Resources from this Resource ID range can be re-used in any Object View Register

LwM2M Objects

oma-label Objects Produced by OMA

URN: urn:oma:lwm2m:oma:ObjectID | range (0 - 1,023)

URN / Version ObjectID / xml LwM2M Editor Vorto Object Name / Specification Description
Objects in the above table (oma-label) are only registered by OMA Working Groups via an internal registratin process, called OMNA. Click to register.

ext-label Objects Produced by 3rd party Standards Development Organizations

URN: urn:oma:lwm2m:ext:ObjectID | range (2,048 - 10,240)

URN / Version ObjectID / xml LwM2M Editor Vorto Object Name / Specification Owner Description
Register a new Object produced by a 3rd party SDO (Standards Development Organization).

x-label Objects Produced by vendors or individuals

URN: urn:oma:lwm2m:x:ObjectID | ranges (10,241 - 26,240) & (26,241 - 32,768)

10241 - 26240 Range accepts registration

26241 - 32768 Range is privately reused and there is no need for registration

URN / Version ObjectID / xml LwM2M Editor Vorto Object Name / Specification Company Description - Objects Produced by Vendors
The registration of individual and proprietary LwM2M Objects is currently under review.

LwM2M Resources

Reusable Resources

range: (2048 - 32,768)

ResourceID Resource Name / xml Access Type/Operation Multiple Instances Mandatory Type Range/Enumeration Units Description
Register a new Resource produced by 3rd parties.