Supporting Data

The supporting data consists of non-specification materials needed to support the releases. The supporting data includes DTDs, XML schemas, WSDL packages, JSD and WebIDL files. When a release is published supporting data files may be placed in the directories listed below. For the list of published releases see .

Supporting Data Description
DTDs Provides the storage area for the Document Type Definitions (DTDs). A DTD is a set of markup declarations that define a document type.
Profile Data (Schemas, UAProf) Provides access to specified schema (and other related files). XML Schemas describe the structure and the constraints on the content of XML documents.
WSDL Packages Provides access to the available Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Packages that describe the functionality offered by web services.
JSD Files Provides access to the available JSON Schema Definition (JSD) packages that define the structure of JSON data using a JSON based format.
Web IDL Files Provides access to the available Web IDL Packages that are used to describe interfaces implemented in web browsers.

File Extensions

The file extensions used for the supporting data files are listed in the following table.

File Extensions Name
cat OASIS catalogue
ddf Device Description Framework
dtd Document Type Definition
mod DTD module
txt Text
wsdl Web Services Description Language
xml Extensible Markup Language
xsd XML Schema Document
zip ZIP archive

Note the files on each of the Supporting Data web pages are listed in alphabetic order.